Getting Started

Create Your Sneek Team

It’s free to start using Sneek with our 7 day trial, you don’t need a credit card and there’s no commitment. To create your team, start by entering your email anywhere you see a “Create a New Team” box, or click on “Create a team” in the navigation at the top of the page. Add your team name, choose your URL and tell us your name. That’s it - invite some team mates to join you and you’re ready to go.

As the team owner and admin you’ll be the only person who can invite people to your team and add billing information.

Tip: If you’re from a larger company where you might have multiple teams, add your department to the team name. For example If you work at Acme Limited in the marketing department, name your team “Acme Marketing”. That will save any confusion if other teams from your company sign up.

Invite Team Mates

Sneek is a lonely place without team mates, so start off by inviting people to join your team. You just need to enter their email address and we’ll send them a link to set up their own account. You can invite as many team mates as you want. Once a team mate has set up their account you can make them a team admin if you want to allow someone else to help you with managing users. Only team owners can updating billing information.

You can invite people to your team during the sign up process or at any time from within the app by opening up the navigation, clicking on “Invitations” and entering your team mates email addresses. We handle the rest.

Download the Desktop App

Sneek works in Chrome browser, but keeping your tab visible can be annoying, so we recommend you download our desktop app. The app is available for OS X, Windows and Linux (coming soon). Click here to download it now.

Set up your Camera and mic

If you have multiple cameras or mics connected to your computer you can control the video and audio sources Sneek uses. To change your settings, open the side navigation inside the app, click on “Settings” then choose your video and audio source.

In the settings area you can also control whether your own chat head shows as a video stream or as snaps.

Set up your Profile

Within the app open up the side navigation and click on “Profile” to set up your profile. Here you can add the name that gets displayed in Sneek when people hover over your chat head and set your timezone. The timezone is useful for teams spread out all over the world as it lets your team mates see your local time. To update any other information such as your password, visit the “Account” area.

Connect your Sneek account to Slack

When you’re in the “Account” area, you can connect your Sneek account to Slack. Open up the side navigation in the app, click “Account”, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Link Account to Slack” button. Follow the instructions on screen.

This is handy for sending snaps direct to any Slack channel. If you see someone making a funny face or picking their nose, simply type “/sneeksnap @slack-user-name” and we’ll grab that users latest snap and drop it into the current Slack channel.

Check out our Slack Guide for more detailed information.

7 day Free Trial

The 7 day free trial gives you full access to all the Sneek features. Invite as many team mates as you want and put it through it’s paces. There’s no commitment, we don’t ask for a credit card and we won’t hard sell you.

If you decide Sneek isn’t for you after your 7 day trial (are you crazy??), then your account will automatically switch to the free version no questions asked.

If you’re loving Sneek, add a credit card to your account at any time and we’ll start billing you when your trial period ends. To add your payment information open up the side navigation in the app, click on “Billing” and add your details. You can update and change them at any time. Note that you have to be a team owner to make changes to billing information.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at support@sneek.io. If you want to chat right now, click the little speech bubble in the bottom right of this screen.

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Registered in England & Wales No. 08711934