Sneek Basics

Sneek is very simple to use. The side navigation opens up to show you what each of the icons does, but so there’s no confusion here’s a breakdown for you.


This lets you set your availability for other users to hit you up for a chat.

Snap interval

You can control how often Sneek takes your photo.


This lets you set a status message that shows in the bottom left of your chat head.

Video mode

This lets you choose between chat head video or full screen video when you are having a chat with a team mate.

Screen share

Share your screen with anyone on a call.

Note that it is best to ensure that your anyone wanting to view your screen share is in full screen video mode before you start a call to ensure the best viewing experience.


For additional privacy you can pixelate your image.

Note that time snap interval and pixelation can be activated and deactivated by your team admin and may not be present for some teams. The ability for an admin to control these setting is a feature only available in a Sneek Pro account.

Sneek is the trading name of Analog Republic Limited.
Registered in England & Wales No. 08711934